Do You Know Seo? Sell Your Skills

If you have been around the web scene for any length of time and have learned how to build and launch your own websites as well as tweak the code to them to get them to look and work just right, you have a skill set that other, less computer and internet savvy people need.

If you know about doing keyword research and writing keyword optimized content so as to attract buying traffic from search engines, you have a valuable skill set and there are people out there who are willing to pay real money for your services. If you are familiar with ways and means of driving traffic to your site such as search engine optimization, forum marketing, blogging, social media optimization, there are non-internet-savvy traditional, brick and mortar business owners out there who know little to nothing about launching and promoting a website who need your knowledge-base to help them promote their business.

If you are familiar with building back-links and manipulating search engine results as most SEO masters know how to do, then there is an unlimited supply of business owners, many of whom are residing within ten miles of you (unless you live out in the middle of nowhere) who need your services but just don’t know it yet.

Just because you hang out on WarriorForum all day and talk with other webmasters constantly doesn’t mean that everybody has the skill and experience level that you find there. Even if you don’t consider yourself an expert, compared to most small business owners in non-internet-marketing niches, you are a freaking genius. What is the difference between you, sitting where you are now, reading this, and you, as the head of your very own successful SEO company that sells SEO services to small business owners in your area who don’t even know what WordPress is? Simple, a game plan. You need a game plan that can show you, step by step, exactly what you need to do to promote yourself as a skilled SEO specialist. If you are even reading this article, odds are you already have the skills, you just need to round them out and learn how to promote yourself.

Check out the link in the author’s resource box to find a package that will show you how to build a business out of helping others promote theirs.

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