Building Blog Traffic Takes Time

Building blog traffic and reader loyalty takes a good amount of time and can be done with consistent effort and most importantly, your patience. None of the popular blogging sites found online today were overnight successes as any of their site administrators will tell you. There were consistent and deliberate measures they had to take which involved having the perseverance to stay committed to what they were doing.

Here is a look at what it takes to build blogging sites that have large and loyal followings and even though it is not complicated it still requires your patience!

Post Need to Be Relevant

Updates need to maintain some type of relevance pertaining to the theme of the site. People are attracted to blogging sites due to the topic or niche the site is based upon. By altering the direction of the content away from the original theme you run the risk of confusing visitors or even driving them away!

Updates Need to be Consistent 

Some type of consistency needs to be reflected in your posting schedule so people will know what to expect and when. Whether you update daily, weekly, monthly or whenever, establish a consistent schedule so readers can plan their visits accordingly. Once you have established your posting schedule you must maintain the perseverance to stick with it to since your ‘long term’ consistencies will be the key to your success.

Make RSS Feed Available

To make it easier for visitors to ‘bookmark’ your site you definitely want to make an rss feed readily available to them. This is the only way you can build subscriber loyalty. Locate the tab in a very prominent position so people do not have to go searching for it because you do not want to discourage them from subscribing!

Allow Comments

This makes your site not only comfortable but popular as well and this is what it takes to attract and compel people to return! If you are not comfortable with comments being left on your blog than start a website instead. Visitors expect a sense of ‘community’ when they land on any blogging sites but if comments are not allowed this ‘dampens’ the mood and their expectations.

Supply Useful Content

The contents found on your blog is the very foundation upon which site is built. People are interested in the topic or niche you write about and it is up to you to supply them with information they find interesting or useful. These efforts must be consistent on your part and obviously will require your patience since developing a blog takes time. If you have chosen a theme with which you have a personal interest, supplying useful information will not be a challenge to you

Building blog traffic and reader loyalty requires a mixture of both effort and your patience being results are not apparent overnight! As the administrators of most if not all of the most popular blogging sites will tell you their success was and is a result of the perseverance they bring to their efforts. The lesson here is that if you are ‘committed’ to what you blog about, having the perseverance and patience will get you to where you want to go!

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