7 Beginner Tips For Pay per click

This article shows you seven beginner tips in pay-per-click advertisement. These tips can be implemented easily, so hopefully you will discover some useful tips to improving the performance of your Pay Per Click campaigns. This article will give you a good overview of what’s involved. You will also learn what you need to know to make the most of your campaign.

1. Have a Negative Keywords List
Use negative keywords so that your ad does not appear for search terms that are not relevant to you.
The negative keyword option is a great tool. It allows you to specify the keywords for which you don’t want the ads to appear. Google adwords allows you to add negative keywords. Your ads will not show in seach query that containing negative keywords. You can stay away from those non-targeted traffic.

2. Pay Attention to Quality Score
Higher Quality Score gives you higher ranking with lower cost
Quality Score is to measure the quality of your keyword and ad. It is calculated by click through rate of keyword, relevance of your ad text and landing page, historical keyword performance, and other factors. The higher the Quality Score, the lower the price you’ll pay per click.

3. Separate / Create Keyword Buckets for Each AdGroup
You can ensure that the text in every ads explicitly relates to the term searched.
When creating new campaigns and ad groups, many people begin by entering every keyword they can think of. You are looking for targeted customers. You should have a list of targeted keywords which fit your business niche and categories.

4. Geo-Targeting
Identify the countries which are particularly important to your company. Build your ads and target to these countries. You should create individual, region-specific campaigns for the best performing countries and eliminate under-performing regions.

5. Target on Conversion
You should target on conversion and not click-through rate. Try to keep conversion numbers up and conversion costs down. Conversion Rate is important as it is the number that the visitors take the action you desired. You should keep monitoring your CR. You should calculate the conversion with Conversion Rate and Cost Per Conversion. If you make the conversion, says $30. But your product only sell $25. You are losing money for your advertisement. You should redesign your advertisement such that you can make money for the conversion.

6. Track Your Account Performance by analyze statistics data
Using Google Analytics on your website. It helps you measure your ad performance and provides different performance indicator. 

7. Create Multiple AdCopies and perform A/B test
Don’t put every ads into a single ad groups. In Adwords, you can create multiple ad groups for different targeted ad. You should make use of it and separate different targeted ad into different groups. With a well-organized ad group structure, you can easily trace the performance of your ad and make necessary changes accordingly. Continual modifications will be required to ensure success. Pay-Per-Click advertisement is a test and change iterative process. You should keep revising your ad and see if the changes work.

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