Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise

Viva Pinata Trouble In Paradise [RELOADED] 

Bringing life gaming experience and interesting for the Windows platform, Viva Pinata interesting for children, adults, casual gamers and all the fans. This unique game prizes can be adjusted and socially and challenges all players whatever their level of expertise and present experiences, social and spontaneous adjusted where gamers play a very important role. Viva Pinata Paradise developing world is filled with fantastic living pinata creatures and vibrant plant life, all determined by the choices and actions of the player. Viva Pinata offers ease of installation, reliability standards and support for key features of Windows Vista, including the Games Explorer and Parental Controls. 
System Requirements: 
* Microsoft ® Windows ® XP ® SP2/Vista 
* PC with 1.8 GHz equivalent or higher processor 
* 1 GB of system RAM 
* 10 GB of available hard disk space 
* NVIDIA 5900, ATI 9600 or above video card 
* Sound card, speakers or headphones required for audio 
* Microsoft Mouse or compatible pointing device 


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