Project of Planets

Project of Planets 1.1.008 (PC/2010/ENG) 
Home | PC | Developer: Miracle Castle | License | 907 Mb 
Genre: MMORPG 
Project of Planets – 3D game is a new generation of sci-fi genre of MMORPG. In 2235 AD in the Middle East is gradually running out of fossil fuels, increase the fierce battle for power between the first world countries are civilized. military authorities have continued to focus on the persistent strength in the application and the secret nuclear fusion research and development sectors of their government. Mechanoids emerged as the main successor to nuclear technology. 
Without knowledge of the world population, foreign organisms are slowly but surely started to come down to the atmospheric ozone layer and the surface of the earth pozhirayuchi zagryaznyayuchi. nesmog None survive from the radiation, his head held high, they started their journey in the underground bases and shelters. 
In 2249 once again survivors gathered at the United Nations reached an agreement on the global economy with resources in order to take what they are entitled. 
In a 2251 study of nerve conduction device (NIH) gave useh All the same, even when it seems impossible to force a confrontation with a stranger in the range. Thus emerged from the ashes of our world nerve conduction nuclear mechanics that allow humans to live tomorrow, in which the sky. The struggle for land has begun. Earth, our world, our dreams … We hope this is in your hands! 
Minimum System Requirements: 
– Windows 98/Me/2000/XP 
– 1.0GHz Intel pentium3 
– 512MB 
– GeForce MX440 
– 1.5GB 
Recommended System requirements: 
– Windows XP 
– Intel pentium4 2.0GHz or above 
– 1GB or above 
– GeForce FX5200 or above 
– 2GB



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