Metro 2033

THQ Inc. (Editor) 
CD Projekt (genre) 
action games (FPS) 
March 16, 2010 (release date worldwide) 
March 19, 2010 (the date of issue in Polish) 
March 16, 2010 (U.S. release date) (NTSC) 
play modes: single player media: 1 DVD 
Age requirements: 16 price on release: 119.90 ZL 
Metro 2033: Last Refuge is a first person shooter game that contains many features of survival horror and role-playing game. Set in the relatively near future, this story tells about a nuclear apocalypse, as a result the population of all cities is annihilation, and the same environment and experiencing tremendous degradation strong radiation. Few who survive a few thousand people that only when the revelation was in Moscow subway, the largest in the history of przeciwatomowym shelter. 
Society, which is under Russian soil, there is certainly no easy life. Although there is no shortage of clean water and oxygen (with built-care system), electricity (generator, generator), and even the food produced in the garden underground, but all this does not change the fact that the era of human dominance of Earth’s history left. Living on the surface of the animals were actually different types of mutations, so that the monsters are very dangerous. These are organisms from the surface once people begin to harass the northern zone of the shelter, called VDNH. Over time, their attacks became more threatening, and defense compact, organized by residents of the object, time has been very low. Players begin the game from taking control of one young man VDNH, which aims to get to the legendary Policy, the center of one meter, tamtejszych notify residents of the danger and also ask for support nadwatlonych line of defense. Of course, the journey to the heart of the shelter is not full of violets, not to mention the roses – every step of the dangers lurking in fact, potential players to continue to ensure quick action in the underground tunnels of Moscow. On the way they found various types of equipment, including weapons and vehicles, which is facilitating the survival of deep, hard reality hard. Spending a lot of time on local knowledge of the world – apart from this terrible past, still stupid love for the ideals of humanity, especially politics, which produces a number of ideological groups: Communists, Democrats, autokratami etc., which they have affected the entire shelter. 
Players are not punished transformation in Duke Nukem. Of course you can focus on pure combat, eliminating the enemy hordes along the way, but the fans a little more subtle ways to deal with difficulties to adopt a more sophisticated form of battle (reminiscent of goods such as Thief, Hitman and Splinter Cell). Implementation tactics are purely economic consequences – the cartridge remains in the game because of the role of currency, so if our style of play requires us to absorb all the oceans of ammunition, we must take into account the need to obtain an adequate amount of funding. The fight is definitely not one of the easiest elements of the Underground 2033, as an opponent equipped with sophisticated algorithms in Artificial Intelligence and behaves as a very natural result, and on the use of pure war “tactics of man, like dodge, gathered back and use the terrain visualization Impressive of the underground city. – every citizen through her own life, busy with their own affairs, and its existence is not limited only to speak a few problems. Population cook dinner, read books, drink tea, the children play with toys, etc. Also , told the game is not completely linear and conscious players at times have an impact on the fate of humanity, which will produce a different ending, depending on the decisions and actions are especially important. a lot of physical anomaly – the player can experience not seen the vision, the gravitational energy and clotting disorders blood. 
This program uses the machine-Engine 4A writer, modern and fully capable of working hard with a new generation of platforms, including PlayStation 3 consoles to the type and Xbox 360 should be mentioned perception of psycho-optical form, is controlled by the player, and a rich variety of graphics technologies used in the visual layout Metro 2033: Last Refuge – they include full dynamic lighting, HDR, soft shadows, eye adaptation, DOF and motion-blur. 
Hardware requirements: Intel Core 2 Quad 3 GHz, 2 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 260 graphics card, or better, Windows XP/Vista/7


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