Making Money From Your Blog

You can start making money from your blog the faster way by simply add advertisements to your blog in many different ways to earn a passive income.But if it is your content, not your ads, that pulls your visitors to return again and again to your blog, then do not cover your blog with so many ads that almost your visitors are unable to differentiate your contents from the ads.

In order to get the most out of your contents, it is important to understand the different types of monetization opportunities might perform best on your blog.

For example, if you blog is about baby’s clothing, then your choice of ads program that would best suited for are related affiliate program of similar topics, such as baby fashion clothing, from a top baby fashion store.

Selling your own product or service is easy if you have your own blog. Your content is your own advertisement and you pre-sell your prospects easily before you help them in their hand to click on to your link to your website, where your visitors can do business with you there.

In this case, you are not making passive income from any ads, but instead you will be earning your own source of active income from your sales.

Adding advertisements to your blog would take up lots of space on your blog and depending on each one will brings in different amount of money. How much money you can earn from your ads, depends mostly on what is your blog’s topic about.

If your theme of your blog is about baby’s clothes, you would fail miserably in your ads if you have unrelated ads that sell tobacco and cigarettes products.

Anyway, search engine would not be sending you visitors to your site with unrelated keywords such as tobacco or cigarettes, wherein your site will be filled with predominately keywords like baby clothes, baby fashion or top baby fashion.

Remember not all blog are created equal when it comes to monetization. Your blog’s topics could be suited for blog advertising and you may have another topics that are bit more challenging and difficult to monetize.

The key is to find the right topics that is related and relevant to your ads or is it the other way round?

Spend some time to do your research on your contents to find the right and relevant mix to maximize your earnings.

Much of your moneymaking success comes from your visitors’ response to your blogging efforts. If you are able to gain their attention and support, and in no time you will start making money from your blog.


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