Axis vs Skin Theme Xp

axis_vs Visual Style FREE XP Theme and Skin download for windows xp, lots to choose from. axis_vs .msstyles visual style theme is easy to install using our simple instructions. Some desktop themes require special software to install ours do not, also no sign ups or registration are needed to download axis_vs. Our .msstyles visual styles archive has lots of free skins xp themes to download, all are freeware and can be used on any windows xp computer as much as you like. Feel free to download axis_vs and as many other windows xp themes .msstyles skins as you like. This axis_vs free skin is another free service

Download 911_vs Download Theme

How to Install this Theme How to Install Themes

Prepare Your Computer
Because Micro$oft wants you buy everything from them, Windows XP wants theme files to be digitally signed. If they aren’t then XP won’t let you use the themes. You must first patch your uxthemes.dll file in yourC:\Windows\System32 directory. This can be easily done using the Uxthemes Patch which you can download here. 

The patch supports Windows XP, SP1, SP2, XP 64 bit and Windows Server 2003. Run the patch, it will “fix” your uxtheme.dll file so you can use 3rd party visual styles. Disregard any warnings about files being changed, that is what we want to do. After you run the patch reboot your computer. Note: We recommend you create a restore point before running the patch just for good measure. We did not author this file we have used it our selves with no problems, use it at your own risk.


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