Simple Tips To Make Your Internet Faster

Internet has become an unavoidable thing these days as even marriage invitations are sent via e-mail these days. I have seen this much tremendous growth only in the recent 5 years as before that Internet was only a data exchange medium. Now it is really hard to find a home without Internet connection in it and not even a boy/girl without an e-mail ID if he/she is above 16 years of age. This growth is a very good one if it is used properly if not the things can go upside down. Broadband connections are found almost in each and every home these days but still people complaints that their internet speed is not that much great. This may be due to various other reasons but there are few ways to make your Internet faster. Here are few tips which can help you to make your Internet faster,

1. Check your “Windows Sockets”, as it is used for data transfers. The data input and output on a network is handled by these Windows sockets so make sure you check them often. These sockets may get jammed due to spyware and software which will make your internet slow.

2. Make sure that you clear the Temporary Internet folder in your computer. This folder tracks all the last visited web pages in your computer which left untouched will make the connection slow. It is advised to clear these web pages if not used. 

3. It is highly recommended to monitor all the installed software as most of them will have the automatic option enabled. So this automatic update will drink most of your bandwidth which will affect the speed of the connection as well.

4. It is also advised to make use of the firewall feature available in the system. This will help in scanning the system quite often and keeps them intact.

Hope these simple tips can help in increasing the Internet speed.

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