Poker Strategy Books

In your frenzy to become a winning poker player, you will often sit your self at a table and lose most of, if not all of your deposit within ten minutes. With the advent of online poker rooms, it is easy for the novice player to be taken for a harsh reality check by the sharks at the table. You will leave the table disheartened and wonder why you have lost all of your money so easily.

This is where reading a good poker strategy book can help you. Players need to learn the basics of poker before they can even contemplate making it in the world of online poker playing. There are so many poker strategy books out that it can be challenging to know which ones will improve your game the most. 

High quality poker strategy books and training can cost you around $300, or you could pay hundreds of dollars for a poker lesson from a professional poker player. 

The problem with a great deal of poker strategy books out there is that they are written by world class players who, although they clearly have a fantastic grasp of poker strategy, often struggle to bridge the gap between the target audience (recreational and semi professional players) and the world elite which they occupy. 

Even if you?ve read all the poker strategy books you could get your hands on, your knowledge is still strictly theoretical, but this is still a major advantage over the players who have made their first mistake like I mentioned above.

Which is the novice sitting at the table not really knowing anything about how to play good poker and losing all their money. Poker is all about gaining an edge, poker strategy books will give you that edge.


When your hand goes sour and you find yourself riding that streak of bad luck, reading through a good poker book could be just what you need to get on the road to rediscovering fundamentals or pointing out probable vulnerabilities in your game. This includes concepts such as hand selection, position, proper image projection, and reading hands. 


During the last decade, the game?s growth has been fuelled in part by the easy availability of online playing sites where participants can play cash games and tournaments 24 hours a day, every day. Online Poker is a game that has evolved over time. The majority of real money players LOSE more than they win at online poker. If you are one of those people, then reading poker books is your best weapon at tackling the deficit you have in the fine intricacies of poker. Reading books about poker strategy is a must if you wish to be successful in the online world.


Poker is a game of many skills and to become an expert poker player you need to master them all. Poker combines mathematical, tactical and psychological elements and is therefore a very versatile game with many different aspects. Poker strategy for Texas Hold ‘Em can be complicated and intricate, so the best thing you can do is learn what are some of the most common mistakes made by novices to the game. 

Poker books can improve your poker skills faster than any other form of poker education. Books can bump you up the learning curve faster than playing 200,000 hands. 
Poker rewards two things above all else, and that is patience and aggression. Poker, then, is a game of luck only in the short term, and over the long term a complex game of strategy and skill.


Once upon a time, the only way to learn how to play winning poker was to lose your money to more seasoned players until you (hopefully) figured out how they were beating you so badly. If you are serious about winning, and most of us are, then a good book on poker strategy is a prized possession. After all, a winning poker player must possess a substantial amount of talent, heart, instinct, and awareness too. Poker books are one of the best tools for helping you develop a winning Texas Hold’em strategy.


Rather than focussing on the massive pots and short term gains, to win consistently at online poker you need the depth of knowledge that a book can provide, things like on how the pro?s handle the bad beats and maintain discipline and not go on tilt. Successful poker players are consistent the reason for this, is that they play with a poker strategy. Treat online poker playing as a business you need the know how to drive the business forward. 

There are many reference?s to many styles of poker books out there, where some of the most successful pro?s out there give there tips on how to beat the game. Giving advanced calculations and systems for consistently winning which are explained in such a simple manner, it?s easy to place the theory into practice.

Start to apply the strategies in these books, and you will notice a considerable increase on your return. You will have the confidence to pull the trigger knowing that they are bluffing. Or laying down a strong hand knowing you are beat. It?s this fine line and decision making that will help you onto the road of success in online poker. We hope that our site helped you locate the winning poker strategy that suits your play.

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