Is Seo Worth Paying For

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short is a growing industry and more and more companies are learning about the need for it. When a website is not fulfilling its potential there comes the need for a marketing plan on how to increase visitors and conversions. An internet marketing plan can include SEO, PPC, offline advertising, social media and affiliate marketing depending on what your goals and budget are and what kind of market you are in. The different options need to be weighed up and decided on.

SEO can be a cost effective tool in your online marketing arsenal but that depends on how it’s done and who is doing it. If SEO is carried out in an inteligent manner with enough resources allocated it can be very effective in driving relevant traffic to a website.
When you enlist the services of an SEO you are paying for the knowledge and experience of a professional who understands what needs to be done to improve a websites keyword positions and traffic. The individual or company should be able to demonstrate previous successes for clients.
The cost will depend on the scale of the competition, the current condition of the site and the current link popularity of a site. After researching these factors it will be possible to evaluate how much time needs to be allocated to site changes and link building. It would be possible to be given a flat rate for SEO without the company or individual carrying out research but I would hope that it would be made clear how many hours are being spent on the site per month.
Although to people who are not familiar with how websites or Google works SEO may appear to contain a certain amount of voodoo, this is not the case. The techniques used in SEO can be explained so that anyone can understand them even without a technical background.
I sometimes hear about companys deciding to carry out their SEO themselves. This can be done successfully providing a lot of constant research is carried out. However the scope of the job and the amount of time it involves means that it can be more cost effective to hire a professional. It can be common to think of a few tweaks as being the key to online marketing success but consider that the following may need some attention.
Sidewide title and description tags, sitewide header tags, keyword research, competition research, keyword competitiveness, link analysis, link building, site indexing, optimised text, 301 redirects, canonicalisation, shopping feeds, image optimisation, landing page optimisation, analytics installation, filters and goals, link indexation, etc.
There is a lot of work and although there are a number of SEO jobs which only need to be done once there are a lot of jobs which need continuous work and monitoring. It is also worth noting that SEO is a long game. How long should you expect to see results after a tweak to a page or a new link is posted on a blog? Should you be making changes once you see a drop in rankings or should you wait to see what happens? The answers to these questions only come through experience of optimising sites. So SEO can be done yourself but in order to avoid making mistakes that could set your website back you could be better off paying for the service.


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