About Beatrix Potter Books

Beatrix became the friend of the world through many of her great works and achievements. Though she was not part of the Romantic era when many writers and poets existed, she could project the same lines of thoughts in her books. She always loved nature and had respect for every aspect of the natural beauty she came across in her life.

Beatrix Potter books reached the children generation pretty closely. Her books are so interesting that children could re-develop the world with a blend of beauty that the author herself had in her mind.
Some of the distinguished examples of Beatrix Potter Books are ‘The tale of Peter Rabbit'(1901), ‘The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin'(1903), ‘The Tale of Benjamin Bunny'(1904), ‘The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes'(1911).The environment in which B.Potter grew had a huge impact on her style of writing. Interestingly, Beatrix Potter spent most of her life within the beautiful nature. Although she was born in a rich family, it was equally good and worse for her. She neither had friends nor parents around her and therefore she used to spend all her time with the nature where she could make various loving pets. This further enhanced her positive perception of nature. Staying close to the nature, she could develop her own logical perceptions.
Her stories changed the outlook towards the woods from being “dark & mysterious” to “warm & comforting”. Beatrix Potter books changed people’s mindset about the mysterious and darkened wood; people could positively accept the nature’s woodland as a source of warmth and refreshment. This made her famous with the parents and also made her standout among her contemporaries. Many of Beatrix Potter Books enjoyed the status of being bestsellers. 
Her books gained international bestseller appreciations. Her success story did not end ever since her first publication The Tale of Peter Rabbit published by Frederick Warne & Co publication with a total of 28,000 copies of that book – of course a remarkable achievement.


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