Simple Steps To Optimize A Website

To get your website optimized, there are ten actions that we have to do:

1. Looking for a Good Domain

You should search a short domain name that can explain what your website is all about. If you are offering minerals for example, we need to consider “mineralwebsite” or better domain name. Having the word “mineral” in the domain name will give us a big benefit.The search engines will know that our site is about mineral. It is better to use an aged domain, because domain age can really change serch engine result.

2. Making Descriptive URLs for the Web Pages
We can found the URL of a page in the browser’s address bar. You have to name the home page of our site “index” so we should focus on other web pages. Naming your products page with “products.html” is not a great idea. That will not help the SEs to analyze your web page accurately. It is good to name our related products web page “minerals-for-sale.html” or something similar. The dashes are important, as they behave as spaces.
You should ensure that all parts of your site are updated whenever you change the name of a web page. This will make sure that your website is running correctly.
3. Checking Navigational Structure
you are able to provide better information for the search engines by using “Minerals for Sale” in the navigation. This will also increase the targeted keyword density and relevancy.
4. Using Good Meta Tag Info
our title tag must not exceed 55 characters. The tag should contain the main targeted keywords of your website.
The description tag should not be longer than 250 chars. This tag should be written in good English and contains a lot of keywords.
The keywords tag need to contain ten if the most relevant keywords of our website. The keywords are separated by commas. you must not stuff this tag with too many keywords because targeted keyword stuffing can hurt our site’s ranking.
5. Optimizing Copy
Each of the webpages in your site must have at least 150 words. The main keyword of your website have to be mentioned in our contents 9 to 10 times.
6. Links webpage
Links web page is a page where we inserted all the links to your friends’ websites. This kind of webpage is not good for business. Visitors arife only looking for additional websites with similar subject. If we are selling minerals, we need to link to websites which provide useful resources related to mineral. After placing the links, you need to contact those websites to ask for reciprocal backlink.
7. site Map
For the search engines, site map is just like a card catalog that tells the contents of websites so that is very influential.
8. Publishing the website on the Internet
you must not forget to publish your site. you can have FTP to post our site on the Internet.
9. Submitting to Search Engines
we need to submit our site to major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
10. Building Backlinks
You need to get one way back links to our site. To bring one way back links, you can submit our website to higher quality web directories. link building can take a lot of time, but it is an important step to do if you want our site to have great rankings on the search engines.


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