What Causes a Computer to Be Slow

Frustration abounds when a computer begins to run at a slower speed. Many of the programs that one depends on does not function in the correct manner. As a result information can be lost by the user that they can not afford to lose. The question then becomes what cause a computer to be slow?

One reason that an individual’s computer is not as fast as it should be is that it has caught a virus. It can cause many problems in a system including a complete system crash. Fortunately there are programs out there that can protect a machine from an attack perpetrated by an infection of an unwanted virus. Thus one should have one that comes with regular updates installed on their machine.

Another reason that a machine may run slower is what is know as adware or spyware. When one surfs the net one can encounter sites that download and install these particular programs onto one’s computer. Other sites use cookies to keep track of what sites a user visits. Thus to protect one’s privacy a cleaner for these types of software is needed.

A third reason why the speed of a system is not as it should be is that the registry needs to be optimized. At times because of deletions of files, the removal of programs, and other reasons errors appear in the registry. Fortunately there are programs available on the market that can fix those problems.

Many registry cleaners can be downloaded for free from various sites on the internet. Be aware though that some of the offered programs are not what they say they are. Instead they can be harboring the very items that can infect your machine with software that can greatly affect its operating speed.

Thus the answer to what cause a computer to be slow is unwanted programs that monopolize processor speed. To cure an infected system there are spyware, adware, virus, and registry cleaners out there that can get the job done. I personally managed to clean up my computer by downloading high quality registry cleaner software.

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