duplicate file checker

We forget how much crap we store. At least I do anyway but I am sure that I am not alone. Also, as we get older, we forget where we put stuff, only to find it months later. Important stuff like bank cards and keys, then again unimportant stuff like sweets, oranges and bananas. I’m not that bad, the oranges and bananas are usually only there for a couple of weeks. My computer is a positive treasure trove, a hiding place for all my most useful and most useless information.

Or at least it was until recently. I decided that enough was enough. I downloaded one of those new duplicate file checker programs I was amazed at the crap that came out of the system. I have turned computer hoarding into an art form. A computerised white van would even struggle to clear my hard drive.

As a writer, for a start, I have lots of different versions of stories, reports, articles and so on. I had never bothered to clear all the software programs that my daughter downloaded, games mostly, but I discovered kids are just as forgetful as I am. I found more than one copy of several games programs. I got rid of both copies in most cases, kids never remember all of their games, just think of all the Christmas gifts still in their boxes, although it will be just my luck that I’ve got rid of something she still plays with. I will just pretend the computer did it all by itself, which in a sense it did.

Similarly, I found lots of MP3 files, mostly of eighties music (my era) that it should be criminal to have even one copy of, let alone to. Not to mention all the pictures that I took more than one copy of, for all of my different social networking sites, my own website and all the writer’s websites that I am on. I really should get more organised, but, then again, that is what computer programs are for.

One good thing to come out of cleaning up my system, apart from restoring my computer’s power, is finding all of the old photos, music and early examples of my writing. It’s like being reunited with old friends. Forget Friends Reunited, no-one uses that any more (do they?) Download a duplicate file checker 

program and relive all those old memories. Even if you have to do it twice! Better to have lived twice than not to have lived at all (at least I think that was the quote!)
Sriram is a freelance software and computer enthusiast who loves to play with his computer. He is keen on testing and reviewing the latest software and hardware available in the market. You can read plenty of tech reviews and software reviews in his website


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